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What a cookie is

MILANI48 website uses cookies to make our service easier and more efficient to use for those who visit our web pages.

Cookies are small text files or pieces of information that are stored in your computer, which help the the Owner in providing the Service according to the above mentioned purposes. Some of the cookies may need the Users’s acceptance. There are various purposes of cookies; some are to make the website use easier, some other may enable determined functionalities.

If cookies installation is based on consent, this consent can be revoked freely in any moment, following the directions contained in this document.

Analytics and performance cookies

  • Strictly necessary activities for operation
    This website uses session Cookies to develop strictly necessary activities related to the functioning of the website, such as cookies related to traffic distribution.
  • Preference, analytics and performance activities
    This website uses cookies in order to salve the Users’ browsing preferences, in order to improve the browsing experience. Among those cookies we include language setting and currency setting in order to manage statistics from the Owner of the website.

Other types and third party Cookies

Some of the above-mentioned services include statistics that may not need the Users consent, or that can be directory uses by the Owner – based in above descripted actions – without third party assistance.

If among the indicated services may be third parties managed services, this may trace the User activity – unbeknownst to the Owner and added to the above specified actions. For more detailed information, we invite to read the privacy policy of the following servicies.

  • SPAM protection. This type of services analyse this Website’s data traffic that may potentially contain personal data of the Users, in order to filter and protect them SPAM recognized messages.  Google reCAPTCHA (Google LLC) Google reCAPTCHA is  a SPAM protection service provided by Google LLC.

The use of reCAPTCHA is regulated by Google privacy policy and Google terms of use.

Personal Data collection: Cookies and Data use.

Place of management: USA – privacy policy . Subject member of Privacy Shield

  • Statistics: services contained in this section allow the Owner to review and analyse traffic data and they are used to keep trace of the User’s behaviour. Google Analytics with anonymous IP (Google LLC) Google Analytics is a web service supplied by Google LLC (“Google”). Google uses personal data in order to trace and examine the use of this website, compile records and share them with other services developed by Google. Google may use personal data to personalize and contextualize their own marketing network ads. This integration with Google Analytics keeps your IP address anonymous .Anonymous browsing works within the Countries members of EU or other Countries that are part of the economic agreement with EU. Only in exceptional cases the IP address will be sent to US.

Personal data: Cookies and data use

Place of management: USA – privacy policy . Subject member of Privacy Shield

Link to other Websites

Some pages of the website may contain link to other websites that are not managed by the Owner of the website, and does not share personal data with these websites.

The manager of the Website is not responsible for content, security of privacy measure utilized by other websites, and declines explicitly any responsibility.

How can I consent to cookies installation?

In addition to what is explained on this document, the User can manage his preference on Cookies directly on his browser and prevent, for example, third party’s cookie setting. It is possible to cancel cookies that were settled in the past, including the one that is possibly installed using this website. The Users can find any information on how to deal with cookies with most widespread browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari e Microsoft Internet Explorer

With reference to third party Cookies, the User may manage his settings and revoke the consent visiting the opt out link (if available), using details written the Third party privacy policy of directly contacting them.

Stated what above mentioned, the User may use information from EDAA (UE), Network Advertising Initiative (USA) e Digital Advertising Alliance (USA), DAAC (Canada), DDAI (Japan). With those services it is possible to trace and manage the preferences of most advertising services. The Owner invites the User to use those information resources in addition to the ones included in this document.

Owner of Data Treatment

Milani S.r.l. 
Via delle Industrie II, 7 
30020, Meolo (VE)

Email Owner:

Since the installation of third party cookies and other tracking systems operated by third parties cannot be directly controlled by the owner, every specific reference to cookies must be considered as approximate. To get complete information, the User is invited to read the privacy policy of third party serviced listed in this document. Stated the significant complexity of cookies technologies, the user is invited to contact the owner in case of any extra information.

Definitions and legal references

Personal Data (or Data)

Personal data is any information, direct or indirect, that relates to an identified or identifiable living individual.

Usage data

They are all information recorded automatically through this Website( also by third parties integrated with this Website) such as: IP addresses, names of the computers related to Users that get connected with this Website, URI addresses (Uniform Resource Identifier), time of the request, used method to send the request to the server, code of server response ( accepted, error…ecc), the country , browser characteristics and operating system, all kinds of different time connotation on the visit (such as time of stay on a certain page) and details regarding the itinerary inside the App, with particular reference to the sequence of visited pages, operating system parameter ecc.


The user is the individual that uses this Website that, unless otherwise specified, coincides with the Person Concerned

Person Concerned

The living individual to whom Personal Data refer

Processing Manager

The living individual, legal individual or public administration that manages personal data on behalf of the Owner, according to this privacy policy.


The living individual, legal individual or public authority that, on its own or throughout the others, determines means and aims of data treatment, including security measures regarding the use of this Website. The Owner of data treatment is, unless otherwise specified, the owner of this website.

This Website (or App)

Hardware or software device through which we collect Users’ Personal Data


The service supplied by this website as indicated on the terms (if stated) in this website/app.

European Union (or EU)

Unless otherwise specified, any reference to EU contained in this document referres to member countries of the EU and to EU Economic Zone. 


Small piece of text registered in the User’s computer.

Legal References

Notice to EU Users: the current privacy policy is drawn up according to obligations as per ART.10 of directive n. 95/45/CE, directive 2002/58/CE, as updated by Directive 2009/136/CE , on cookies.

This privacy notice regards this Website exclusively.

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